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4G LTE Internet of Things Sim

We can provide IoT sims on behalf of leading mobile networks, to be used in U.K nationwide, in EU & Globally. Our IoT SIM Cards work with 4G LTE networks. We can also provide you UK resilient, One IoT SIM card to roam across multiple networks regionally and globally. Our Technology selects the most appropriate network for your IoT device to transfer your valuable data securely and reliably.

Improve Internal & External Communication

  • Real-time billing alerts and cost management
  • VPN fixed IP and Nat offered
  • Provides real-time Sim location-based services
  • Secure networking prevents information leakage

Collect Actionable Data

We provide a wide range of end to end solutions. These solutions simplify IoT for customers as they contain high-quality hardware and/or software together with pre-configured IoT connectivity services tested, supplied and supported by our technical team.

Shipping Container Tracking

Mobile Asset Tracking will give you full visibility and control to track and monitor your assets. You can trace assets, view asset distribution, receive geofence and maintenance alerts, check battery status and run reports, all through the Portal.

IOT Advantage

IOT sims can be used for varied purposes we as company specialise in All type of data sims. Whether your company requires following or you have a bespoke project and requires bespoke custom made parameters


We offer high speed, secure and reliable network connectivity for Point-of-Sale devices with multi-network sim coverage. Having point-of-sale devices stay connected not only increases productivity but also improves efficiency. If there is a network problem, a single network can be taken out of coverage for a single point-of-sale device, which is crucial for reduced overhead and optimised business performance.

Smart Metering

IOT sim are widely used in smart metering solution ensures meters to stay connected with the strongest signal network available via our Multi network sims (UK resilient to all networks) If there is a network problem in a particular area, a single network can be taken out for coverage for a single smart meter, which means less overheads & more efficiency. Thanks to Big Data technology higher success rates in reading the meters.

Taxis Fleet Management

We can offer multi network UK resilient sims for the merchant machines for taxi fleets to take credit /debit card payments, Multi network sim card will allow the strongest signal to connect to merchant machine means effective time processing less over heads and quick money in the bank for fleet management companies. Our Sims ensure zero down time and rapid processing of payments from the cabs and taxis.

IOT Anywhere in the World Deployment

We are able for a quick solution deployment, no matter where your devices land they will have a network to connect to out of the box, For global deployment.

IoT solution provides real-time machine data for remote management of equipment through telemetry. Multi-network connectivity sims enable real-time information about equipment usage, potential failures, location and security. This information helps maximise the uptime and speed up the response of services. This solution can be widely used in industrial fields, energy, utility and transportation sectors.

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